Saturday, September 3, 2016

WQ195 + Niume

I'm trying out this new community website, Niume, and it seems to be going well. If those are 'real' readers, the future looks bright.
If you want to join this good looking place, please use my personal referral link when registering...I'm a poor writer, come on! :-) Then make one post... one... and you get a dollar!

But now.. it's Weekend Quickie time!
See the rest over here...
...but here's mine!

195 – image of a hundred dollar bill in the grass, a small wicker basket, a canning jar, a padlock, a large praying mantis, a box turtle.

Tommy scrutinised the hundred dollar bill Max had placed in the grass.
"You sure you wanna bet that? Your Grandma gave you that."
"This is a sure win," said Max. Tommy had agreed to this 'fight to the finish' because Max was such an arsehole, boasting in front of Emily, Max's sister, that his praying mantis was the strongest. It was. Twice the age and double the size. Max had a large praying mantis, no doubt about it, but Tommy couldn't let it go. So they made this bet.
Tommy took the canning jar he transported his meagre insect out from his rucksack and placed it down.
"Where's your money?" asked Max.
"You'll get it, if you win. Don't you worry." But he did. There was no way he could get one hundred dollars.
Max grinned and pulled out a small padlocked wicker basket from his rucksack. Laughing, Max took off the padlock and opened the lid. His face went white.
"What?" asked Tommy.
Pausing for a second, Max grabbed his hundred dollar bill and scarpered away. Tommy looked inside the basket and saw Emily's box turtle. She'd done a switch. Max would never hear the end of this one.

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