Saturday, September 10, 2016

WQ196 + Niume update

Niume is going well, almost 1000 readers after a post or two a day for two weeks. Readers, need readers. And reviews. Need reviews.
Oh look! Weekend Quickie 196!
And here's mine...

WQ196 - image above, the fear of rejection, something brand new, a playground

My local playground got a brand new slide and I had to try it. Watching the others going down and squealing with joy created an urge inside of me to fly down its long, smooth green plastic chute, an urge which overwhelmed me when I first saw it. But once perched at the top of the ladder, looking down, fear held me in place. Sweat rolled down my back.
The kids behind started screaming and shouting, pushing me, kicking me, their mums and dads looking on at me, disapprovingly, shaking their heads. I couldn't do it! I couldn't! I was a coward, a jerk, no one would talk to me ever again! They'd reject me and I would never be able to show my face, doomed for the rest of my days, stuck in front of the screen playing XBox games and watching reruns of my favourite TV shows. Never to see the light of the day! Never to be able to make friends with anyone again!
"Aw, come on, Dad!" said my eight year old son, Tommy, looking up from the bottom and holding my telephone to record a video. "You're in the way! Let go of the rails!"

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